3 Repeatable Ways To Impress Your Client

Every so often you create a moment of magic for your client.

It might be a gift, a tool or resource, or it might just be a timely and thoughtful message.

It was small, really…. but it left a big impression. An impression your client talked about long after the sale closed.

“Never Lose A Customer Again”

You’ve started to create your Fabled Real Estate Service, even if you don’t know it.

I read this transformative book Not Just Once, Every Time

Of course, you need a lot more than one or two raving fans. You want TONS of customers raving about you to absolutely everyone, right?

Creating those special touches is difficult, and it is nearly impossible to do them reliably, every time. There is just too much to do, right?

You need a system.

Three Repeatable Ideas To Add To Your CRM System

Picture Day

Your home seller has been working tirelessly to get the home ready for the photographer. On that day they are filled with emotions. Their most private and intimate spaces are about to be captured and released to the wide, wide world.

It is a Big Moment that is generally unremarked by the person they most want to impress on this day. You, their Realtor.

Bring a sweet treat a a mug with a tea bag to let them know it is their turn to take a load off and hand the hard work off to you.

Inspection Day – Buyer

The day the contract is signed is a day of joy and celebration. But every day leading up to the inspection is filled with increasing dread and anxiety. Did they overpay? Is this house a lemon?

Create an inspection kit for your buyer. Include practical items like a measuring tape, pen and notebook. Also include water and a granola bar. I liked to include an information card suggesting measurements they should take and questions to ask the inspector.

Inspection Day – Buyer’s Agent

Inspection Day is nearly as stressful as Picture Day for the home seller. They are usually one big ball of defensive energy as they wait for the entire buyer’s team to criticize and judge their family home.

It is one of the worst invasions of privacy a home owner can experiance.

If you are the Buyer’s Agent consider bringing flowers or a small orchid for the homeowner. Include a handwritten card, thanking the seller for the opportunity to inspect the home. Be sure to get the listing agent’s permission upfront.

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