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What is the right CRM?

You know you should have a CRM, but the whole subject is overwhelming. The good news (or the bad) is that we are only going to discuss my two favorite CRMs, Realvolve and Wise Agent. When it comes to the power of systems, most CRMs are simply not up to the task.

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is an excellent choice for agents that want to stretch their dollar while still having a powerful CRM that helps organize and maintain their contacts and includes all the marketing tools needed to help convert leads into clients!

They offer everything you would come to expect from a Real Estate CRM, including video texting, landing pages, automated drip email and text marketing, monthly newsletters, property flyers, postcards and of course, transaction management.

A feature that you can’t live without is lead management that will capture the attention of all your internet leads with an instant automated reply via email or text. It works with all internet leads, from Bold Leads to Zillow, and even your website!

Wise Agent is a simple, smart, and affordable Real Estate CRM that will help you save time and make more money!

Monthly Membership Starting At $29



Realvolve is the original home for my workflows and templates and it is still the most powerful automation tool available in our industry. If you are the leader of a successful team looking for a way to grow and scale your business, Realvolve is your solution.

While most common CRMs give agents a place to store and manage contacts, Realvolve offers automation that communicates dynamically between your team members and clients. Keep your communications managed in a single place, and never let a critical conversation fall through the cracks again.

Realvolve is built to grow and scale with your ever-changing business needs! When team members come, go, or change roles within your organization, Realvolve is like having an additional team member who will never leave you, never ask for a vacation, and will literally perform hundreds of tasks for you each day; even as you sleep soundly, trusting that details are never falling through the cracks.

A feature unique to Realvolve, admin account owners have special permissions that allow them to ‘login as’ any agent in your team, allowing team leads to more effectively coach and consult members for greater team success.

My workflows were originally created for Realvolve. If you are a detail nut like me or if you want to run a big real estate business without losing quality (or your mind) you should take their demo.

Annual Membership starts at $74/mo, Pay annual and get 2 months free.