Kendyl’s Story

My ADU career starts with a little old lady

I was showing a home way back in the day when I was a baby agent. I had just closed up the house and was getting in my car when an elderly woman came barreling across the street.

She marched right up to me, all four foot, ten inches of her slight frame shaking with emotion. “You damn Realtors are responsible for my children moving away!!” 

“I am sorry…what?”

“You Realtors sell these homes for too much damn money and my kids can’t afford to live here. They all moved away and I am living here all by myself!”

This happened more than thirty years ago and I remember it as if happened today. I am constantly seeking to keep families together and build community.

The housing crisis hurts everyone

As a Realtor, I am more of a guidance counselor than a salesperson. I suss out a buyer’s priorities and help them achieve as many as possible, within their budget.

A buyer’s priority is rarely centered on features (bedroom os backyard). It’s about friends, family, and community. The where is always more important than the what.

But the housing crisis means people can’t afford to live where they want. Families are flung further apart and communities are shattering. I swear, I hear that little old lady every time I field multiple offers on one of my listings. It is becoming impossible to buy a home near your people.

ADUs are the missing middle

When my architect Arlene wanted to start a prefab modular ADU business, I saw the potential for multi-generational housing, affordability for first-time buyers, and a path for age-in-place living flexibility. I was hooked and ADU DIGGS was born.

ADUs are the missing middle tier in housing. They are more affordable than a single-family home and more desirable than a crowded complex. Families with an ADU enjoy financial resiliency and the ability to form a stronger safety net.

Making the ADU project doable

I’ve helped hundreds of people with their ADU dreams. And, for most, it is a larger and more intimidating project than buying or selling a home. 

The intimidation comes from the fear of the unknown – if only you could buy an ADU off the shelf!

Unfortunately, the ADU Magic Wand is a fantasy, but I can distill all that information into simple and actionable steps. I can also help you find and vet financing, design, and contractors.

I am a frequent speaker at real estate-oriented events or you might attend one of my monthly classes. (Join my mailing list for the class schedule! Some might get right to the point and join my Answers On Demand program. No matter how we meet, I look forward to helping!