Kendyl’s Story

I have 34 years of real estate sales experience and here is what I Iearned: My job is selling homes. My mission is helping people.

Do you feel the same way? 

That is so awesome! You are my people- even though you often feel the odd duck when everyone else is whipped up over the latest way to “crush it”.

You live for the five star review and a “thank you” – the commission check is the inevitable by-product of a job well done.

Our path is harder than the one for those other guys, and you might feel overwhelmed. The unbearable noise of all the lead schemes, tech, and social media – it is tempting to bury your head in the sand and ignore it all. 

Are afraid you are missing out on the One. Great. Thing?

I have your back – because I have been where you want to go. I’ve leveled up several times in my career and won the awards (I could fill a dump with useless trophies and certificates)  I’ve run a team, launched a brokerage. I’ve tried ALL the tech and spoken at the conferences. 

I know what works and what doesn’t. I also have a keen sense of what is coming – you can feel the industry changing around us, yes?

The good news is I see huge potential for people like us, as long as we keep doing the right things.

I can show you the way.

Kendyl Young Consulting is dedicated to those right things. I help agents, teams and brokerages get unstuck and growing. I help them define what needs doing and getting rid of everything else.

I offer Workflows to level up your customer experience and free up your time and bandwidth. Classes on practical skills for increasing your repeat and referral business. Goal oriented coaching that targets specific areas of your business.

The future is filled with big companies getting bigger – but it is also filled with mission driven real estate professionals like us, doing more business and helping more people than ever before.