Launching Is Scary

But I am going to do it, anyway.

Welcome to the launch of Kendyl Young Consulting. I am going to pull the curtain back on my 35 year real estate career and show you every single detail that happens at DIGGS. Every Action. Every Letter. Every Resource.

My workflows hold tremendous value. It is a duplicatable roadmap that anyone use.

My first iteration of workflows has been available to Realvolve users since 2015 and thousands of agents and teams in the US and Canada have used and loved my work product. Can I tell you? I have a little bit of a fan club. Not enough to completely go to my head but…. still.

So- why should you buy my stuff and learn from me?

Because you believe the same thing I do. People are not leads to be converted, and buying and selling a personal home is not a transaction – it is transferring sacred ground. You are in this business to help humans through a huge stage in their lives and you achieve this by delivering the best real estate experience possible.

I have no doubt you already do an amazing job, but you are at a crossroads.

You are out of time and resources. Something to change because you are losing personal time, relationships and maybe even your health because your mind is constantly working- trying to make sure no detail falls through the cracks.

I feel you because I was you. In 2015 I completed my first set of workflows and it changed my life. That year I added a completely new assistant and launched a brokerage with all novice agents. I managed to double my personal production without loss of quality because my workflows told everyone exactly what to do and how to do it.

Buying my workflows is your second best option.

The best option is to sit down and write your own workflows. Every action and every resource needed to complete that action. It’s an amazing process that will cement, in your mind, the details of why you are worth your fee.

But that takes time. Time you do not have.

My workflows are a rare opportunity.

Haven’t you secretly wondered what makes a top agent so special? What leads to a reputation for fabled real estate service?

The bad news? There is no smoking gun, no flashy marketing device. The good news? this stuff works for everyone, on any budget.

My workflows consist of a string of carefully considered and tested details. Each one is simple and elegant, but they add up to fantastic experience.