Multiple Open Deals? No Sweat With Workflows

You can handle one or two transactions at the same time… but as the deals pile up the wheels start coming off the bus, right?

Or… am I the only one who woke up at 2 AM in a cold sweat, wondering if X got handled? 

Oiy. I just gave myself stress hives remembering it all.

Grow Your Business Without More Stress

The key is to integrate workflows and templates into a CRM. A CRM can handle all your transactions and never get confused – deadlines, details and dates are kept perfectly on track for each separate deal.

Now, you’ve been operating just fine with a calendar and spreadsheet. But that won’t grow with you and at some point the wheels come off the bus. Wouldn’t it be better to get your systems nailed down before that happens?

There are dozens of CRM systems out there and new ones are launched every day. I know you want me to tell you the best CRM for real estate but I can’t. “Best” is high individual and each CRM has strengths and weaknesses.

I can tell you two of my personal favorites and it is no coincidence I’ve formed a partnership with each one. My workflows are available as integrated content on each one. I’ll credit any money spent on the pdf version toward the integrated one.

Why Realvolve?

I originally wrote these workflows on the Realvolve platform. It is a communications powerhouse that houses more information about my contacts, transaction and properties than anyone else.

Realvolve is ideally suited for top performing agents and teams juggling multiple transactions and listings at once.

If you are looking for a CRM, click here to schedule your personal demo: KYC Realvolve Demo

Why Wise Agent?

I’ve been a fan of the Wise Agent team for a very long time. They are the best in class CRM for the individual and newer agent. I love their support staff, and they are constantly adding features that help agents develop business.

Click Here to schedule your Wise Agent Demo: KYC Wise Agent Demo