Coaching With Kendyl

Coaching With Kendyl


Coaching With Kendyl

Limited Individual Coaching

I have a limited number of individual coaching slots available.

Each slot includes a series of twelve 30 minute zoom calls. Each session is $325 or an upfront payment of $3500.

We will start with a 30 minute free evaluation session where we identify a particular skill, pain point, or goal to address.

If we decide to work together we will meet once a week. Each session will be a mix of  addressing mindset, accountability, and tangible activities.

Topics can include:

  • Systems and Organizations (for solo agents or teams)
  • Developing Sphere of Influence Business
  • Listing Presentations
  • Mindset and Goal Setting
  • Strategy Planning

How To Sell More Homes

This will not be a surprise. In order to sell more homes you can:

  1. Talk to more people
  2. Talk to the right people in a specific way.

But, knowing this isn’t enough, right? How do you adjust what you are doing to accomplish either one?

And will the changes feel… wrong? Like you are being forced into a space that is entirely the wrong shape?

The ideal coach would take the time to understand who you are – the good and the bad- and collaborate with you on a tailor-made strategy that feels good and authentically you.

Bespoke Coaching

Bespoke is a fancy (and sort of bougie) way of saying that I won’t plug you into a system or machine.

I have a huge playbook of ideas gathered from my decades as an agent and coach and the massive amount of time learning from agents, teams, brokerage owners and thought leaders in our industry.

I’ve been insatiably curious for a really long time – and now I want to use everything I’ve learned to help you.


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