Buyer Represented Sale Workflow

Buyer Represented Sale Workflow


Buyer Represented Sale Workflow

Calm buyers are more likely to close the transaction. Anticipate your client’s hopes and fears by always being a few steps ahead of the process. Look like you can predict the future and your buyer’s trust in you will skyrocket.


Enjoy push button convenience for checklist and email templates immediately!

Capture all the essential data in one place and never miss a “to do” or deadline again. Email and text templates include merge fields – making your emails effortlessly unique and valuable.

Users will get installation instructions for their CRM as well as an interactive pdf version of the workflow and email/text templates. $349

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Anyone can use my workflows – no matter what CRM (or even no CRM at all).

My PDF version is an interactive document that gives push button convenience to the proper email and text templates. The checklist is an easy to follow roadmap of all the actions necessary in a seller represented transaction – each item is rich with all the details you (or your assistant) needs to complete a drama free transaction.

In addition, the interactive pdf contains links to each appropriate email or text template. Everyone in the transaction will be impressed with your expertise and professionalism. $249


A detailed, 70 item checklist includes:

  • Buyer Represented Sale Basics
  • Surprise and Delight Touches
  • Managing Referral Partner
  • Get Reviews

47 email and text templates

  • Educate and keep your buyer calm
  • Accountability emails for the lender
  • Impress the listing agent and gain more cooperation
  • Impress the seller and gain more cooperation

3 Customer Confidence and Transaction Partner Videos

  • A just-in-time video message delivers confidence and peace of mind even when your schedule makes a personal call impossible.

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