Productivity Hack: Task Blocks

Here is a productivity tip that might change your world, Task Blocks.

Is your list inevitably longer than your day? Do you cringe at how often you transfer the same important task from list to list?

I often say, “what gets on the calendar gets done”. If that is true for you, why not use your calendar to get more things done?

Task Blocks- the new productivity hack

Task Blocks

Try this. Set up a new kind of appointment on your calendar – I call them Task Blocks- to knock out items on your task list. I started using this method about six months ago and it has changed my life.

  • I stopped making endless, jumbled lists
  • I capture my best ideas on the fly… and executed them!
  • I am focused and productive
  • I actually have MORE free time

The best part… this is dead simple to do.

How To Set Up Task Blocks

Open up your calendar app and pick an open spot for a new appointment.

Select any role in your life – agent, Mom, Club Treasurer- use that role for your appointment title.

Next, jot down your most urgent tasks for that role in the notes for that appointment. Now, review that list. Can you get those done in the time block selected? If not, either expand the block or create a new one.

Move on to your next role and repeat. Add new blocks throughout your week until all of your urgent tasks are slotted. Grouping tasks by the roles in your life helps you to focus and be more effective.

Focus Better. Be More Productive

Here is the slick part about this whole plan. This system will focus your attention on a small number of tasks for a small amount of time. Your brain is less likely to squirrel into something unrelated and it is easier to shut out distractions.

Inevitably, new tasks come up- especially when you are working in a task block. Add that new idea to the next appropriate task block on your calendar, or create a new block if necessary.

More Calendar Space For YOU

A Task Block is specific and finite. In contrast, viewing your entire task list leads to a lot of time wasted in bargaining with yourself. How many times have you knocked off less important tasks because they were less challenging?

Now, this next claim might stretch your belief, but it is my truth. Using Tasks Blocks has created a lot more space on my calendar. I had no idea how much time I was wasting scanning the big list, bargaining with myself over what to do next and squirreling off to other side projects (Facebook, anyone?) because I didn’t have an end time to my activity.

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