The Best Technology For Real Estate Agents

Speaker on Real Estate Technology

The best technology for real estate agents and how to use it was the topic for a super cool panel at yesterday’s Tech Experience for the California Association of Realtors. I was super stoked to moderate this panel of real estate superstars.

If you had registered for the event and want to view the replay you can see it here: CAR Tech Xperience. If you did not, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Below you’ll find the show notes and links to the technology platforms mentioned.

My panelists included the team lead for a very high producing team in Washington DC (Harrison Beacher) a fast rising star in San Francisco (Karen Ho) and an industry super star, (Mark Choey)- former top Realtor, broker owner and current tech innovator and entrepreneur (Highnote)

Two major themes came up repeatedly- stay human (and authentic) and use technology to be more efficient.

The best agents are Human Centered, but technology in real estate is a fact of modern life.  How do you use tech to deliver the real estate experience your humans expect?

Harrison -Uses tools to respond quickly- scheduling with Calendly, forms and template responses saved in Apple notes

Mark – Video is best way to stay authentic and respond in a way that is human. Video brings some humanization back

Karen– Use AI to know track your clients actions and interest to know when to jump into a real time conversation

Kendyl– I loved Calendly, but I outgrew the free version. I got TidyCal from AppSumo for a one time fee to use forever instead of a never ending monthly fee. Click HERE to get my affiliate link and you’ll get a $10 credit, making TidyCal only $19!

We used to “Dress for Success”, but technology has changed the game. How do you use video, voice, or internet technologies to create an impression that gains new clients and wins deals? 

Karen– Use Zoom to meet online and deliver efficiency and convenience

Mark– Digital presentation is critical. Use technology like Highnote to create presentations and followups that go beyond the hyperlink in an email

Harrison – Template emails are repeatable bank of knowledge. Be prepared for different personality types (detailed or just the high points). With templates he can respond faster and tailor to his client’s personality type.

On a related note- your past client might recommend you to their friend, but they will check you out online before they call you. What is you absolute number one tip for that online impression?

Mark – Google yourself regularly. Understand that everything you say and do online is forever!

Harrison– save short cuts (text replacement) for things like your signature link and calendar link. Use Blinq for quickly sharable contact info at conferences and meetings. Make sure the link for any landing page on Yelp or Google My Business looks good.

Karen– Reviews are critical. Also, make sure everything you do is real and authentic. That way people feel they already know you.

COVID launched technology into the forefront of how we show our homes. 3D tours, Calendly, private showings… what technologies will endure in your business going forward and why?

Harrison – We’ll continue to use Calendly and virtual consultations and virtual showings. Make sure to reduce distractions (so look good, have decent lighting, no schmutz on the camera lens)

Karen– video tours, or FaceTime showings, Calendly, private showings

Mark – recorded video for showings, live video showings, Matterport and video is professional produced, so live video showing feels more truthfully and authentic

What are the most essential technology agents need in their “tech stack”?

Karen – good CRM that is robust- good integrations with marketing emails and ability to segment (new and old). Good transaction system- handle paperwork

Harrison – all tech needs to be mobile friendly. Google Suite- forms, calendar, meet, drive, slides, gmail. Zipforms and dotloop.

Mark – A social media scheduler like Later or HootSuite.

Lightning Round- Favorite Technology For Real Estate

Harrison- Follow Up Boss, Brevity
Mark- Streak, Hubspot
Karen- Follow Up Boss
Kendyl- Realvolve, Wise Agent (affiliate links)

Social Media
All- Instagram

Video Tour
All- Matterport

Free Technology
Harrison – Google Suite, Jot Form
Mark- Loom, Slack, Calendly (Buy a domain name like
Karen- Canva

Preferred Reviews Platform
Harrision – Yelp. Send your thank you gift (i.e. Starbucks Card) with the request. Link directly to the page where the client can leave a review. Re-publish the review everywhere.
Mark- Yelp
Karen- Google My Business
Kendyl- Rate My Agent and republish to Google

Best Technology For A Limited Budget
Harrison- Calendly and Google Suite
Mark- spend your money on marketing (leads, social media, farming, direct mail, loom) Suggested using Addressable.
Karen- use all the tools offered by your brokerage

Transaction Platform
Karen- Skyslope
Harrison- TC Workflow
Kendyl- My own workflows on Realvolve or Wise Agent. Also available as a editable pdf- no CRM needed. One time fee for the workflows, use them over and over.