The First Three Things To Do

You were so excited when the Kendyl Young Consulting Workflows arrived. You glanced at them and promised yourself you’d dig in right awasy.

Then, the phone rang…. and an urgent email arrived… and before you knew it you had hopped in the car for an appointment.

I get it. Afterall, that was my life before workflows.

Today I am 5 steps ahead of everyone else. My staff knows exactly what to do and my clients are calm. They can see we’ve “got” this.

How do you get to that place? The same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

You naturally want to start with the workflow, but I encourage you to read through the letters now. They are the “story” that brings the workflow to life.

1 Read The Template Letters

Imagine the person receiving the letters. How will they feel about you, while reading these letters? Are you answering questions before they’ve thought to ask? Do you look like professional? Is their trust level going up?

2 Edit The Letters

Now, pull out the red pencil. It’s time to make these letters your own.

Add dates and happenings common in your area. Change the placeholder labels and terms. I use an escrow officer, you might use a closing attorney. We all do mostly the same things, but the names are different.

Make a list of letters that seem to be missing. For example, do you send an email about the closing table process? Don’t write those letters right now, this is just an audit.

3 Read/Edit The Workflow

Review the workflow. You already have a sense of what needs to change.

I wrote these workflow for a team that has at least one staff person, but it is easy to adapt no matter how small or large your team might be.

Solo agents tend to think they have to do all the tasks, but is that because you don’t trust anyone to do the tasks the right way? Could you trust someone if they had detailed, written instructions?


Did you buy just one of my workflows to test it out? Smart move! It is better to start small and test it out.

Obviously I want this to work as well for you as it did for me! When you are ready, check out my additional workflows!